“Til death do us part is for quitters.”

This was on the cover of the card (along with and image of two skeletons holding hands) picked out by Joann to be given to her husband George on their wedding day. That card said everything about them. Funny, fun-loving, easy-going, and, of course, in love. So much so that death would not be the end for them.

Although they love all things island-style, Joann and George are very much about LA and the city. And having their wedding in the heart of downtown Los Angeles was very fitting. Instead of getting a hotel, J rented a urban loft (a very cool idea, by the way) which gave us some cool views of the town and a number of cool textures and details, including a stack of old vinyl records and and a working retro turntable (ask Kelley of Picture Perfect Events how excited I was to go through the albums). George got ready at Vibiana where they would return for their reception. But since Vibiana used to be the main cathedral of LA, it was also fitting that the ceremony would take place at the city’s new cathedral, Our Lady Of Angels. Throw in a visit to Disney Hall and you have a wedding film that is a good study of downtown’s beautiful architecture.

The Same Day Edit is a true reflection of this couple. Laid back, chill, and fun. Bet you can’t watch without smiling. Enjoy!

Event planner: Kelley Lee Gin, Picture Perfect Event
Photographers: Artrero Photography
Lighting & AV: Amber Event Production