Tim and Sheryn are big fans of LOST.

And like many fans of the show, they got together with friends every week for six seasons and were a part of a worldwide phenomenon. When they mentioned this to me in our first meeting about their wedding, they saw my eyes light up. It’s no secret that I am a huge LOST fan. It was my obsession for 6 years and still is my inspiration for creativity on many levels. So without hesitation, I said to them “We need to do this! For your wedding video, we need to do LOST!”

But I wanted the video to still reflect their real life love story. They had told me they had met early in college but did not start dating until they met again 8 years later. Instantly, I knew this was perfect to throw into the LOST machine of storytelling. It was the theme of the show. FATE, DESTINY… LOVE. What if your soulmate, the one person you were destined to be with… what if you never met? Would fate step in and ultimately bring you back together? The philosophy shared on the show was that WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED… and somehow history would course correct itself.

When pitching this idea to Tim & Sheryn, I knew we couldn’t do the entire show (a show about a group of survivors whose flight crashed on a mysterious island). Instead we would focus one of the many stories of LOST, one that reflected what the show was all about. The story of Desmond and Penny, and his strange (and uncontrollable) ability to travel through time was epic enough to be the basis of their concept film combined with their wedding Same Day Edit.

And so here is LOST, a love story unbound by space and time.

Starring Tim & Sheryn Lacsamana with their friends & family.

RATED TV-14 for some language.

Photographers: John Lauren Photgraphy
Event coordinator: Michi Robles, Events By Michi

And here is the live audience premiere of the film!

Check out their story in photos, by John Lauren photgraphy!